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Governments around the globe attempt to institute large-scale e-government programs to increase benefits to both key stakeholders and the public. These programs consist of electronic services to support people and document identification and recognition, health and wellness services, and threat analysis. These programs can present complex challenges that require expertise, a thoughtful approach and cutting-edge technology.

At SBTS Group, we work with governments and technology agencies to alleviate these challenges and deliver E-Government solutions tailored to your unique environment. We have a suite of products to support a wide range of topics and we have a robust hardware and software team to support new products and services.

Identity Management

Our Identify management products cover plug-and-play recognition to support document, facial, and fingerprint recognition. These plugins provide quick integration with currently supported softwares. In addition, we provide the creation of chipped technology for identification to support both country and regional identity management.

Health and Wellness Management

Our health and wellness management tools support private institutions, government, and international health organizations in managing health crises and viral outbreaks through our comprehensive integrated systems and kiosks. Our tools cover bioterrorism containment, visitor management, outbreak management, Multifactor authentication, and plugins to support user reporting symptom checking, integrated health kiosks, and self-diagnosis.

Cyber Security Management

Our cyber plugins track online tendencies to support threat modeling, managed online attacks, and notification management. We also provide full solutions to provide end-to-end cyber consulting to support ever-growing cyber threats.


Payment Solutions have evolved over the past decade. The introduction of online partners, blockchain technology, smart contract and changed the way we make payments. Some of these technologies can be quite overwhelming in deciding what is the best course of action for your organization.

 At STBS Group, we work directly with you to remove the complexity. Some of our clients request an audit of their payment system to understand what the next iteration of payment solutions looks like. Other clients need solutions to ensure their payments are protected online with authentication and smart contract services. We have created a suite of plugins and applications that give confidence when making payments.

Payment Authentication and Management System

Our PAM system enables organizations engaged in the transfer of funds to keep track of all their transactions. It allows clients to keep track of funds sent, create reports, and catalog intimation with the click of a mouse. This system is updated regularly to accommodate current compliance and regulatory laws.

Payment Gateway

Looking for a new payment provider or frustrated working with solutions that don’t integrate well with your business, we can facilitate your payments through our portal and provide reconciliation and reports to streamline your payment platforms.

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SBTS Group has created more than 100 courses in multiple languages that cover a wide range of technology and leadership topics. We offer these courses in 3 distinct methods to serve a dynamic schedule and unique clientele. In addition, we also offer custom training solutions for your products and services and have a team who will work directly with you to organize your content into digestible chunks for your customers. We offer testing and certification for many courses with more support adding this year.

Instructor-Led Training

We conduct full training in our facility with our instructors and also have our instructors meet you at your facility to conduct training. Our instructors are also multilingual to support diverse clients.


We support both daytime and evening options for our clients to support a busy schedule. Our instructors lead instructions along with real time questions and answer sessions, so you never finish a course without fully understanding the content.

Online/Self Study

No matter what time zone, region, or schedule you may have we have online courses that you can complete at your own pace. Our portal provides you with access to the content and live notifications to help keep you on track.

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SBTS Group provides much more than contact center solutions, we partner with clients to support global products and services. We have a team of multilingual associates who become immersed in your products and services and execute strategies to get results. We offer around-the-clock support for all time zones and provide detailed analytics to help you innovate rapidly.

Health Management

We provide direct support for your outbreak management system with real-time metric tracking and multilingual support for global health organizations.

Travel and Reservation Management

We support our partners with travel arrangements for all types of travel and concierge services. We provide customized itineraries and an easy direct line when things go awry.

Support Services

Have a customized service that needs a solution? We can handle it. Our associates can adapt our products and services to streamline their effectiveness for your end clients.


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