About us

Great technology and logistics made simple...

SBTS Group LLC. is a global technology and logistics firm that helps governments and organizations conceptualize, implement and support technology, Security, logistics and health-related solutions, and other technological innovations in an integrated enterprise.

SBTS moves the needle beyond the challenges organizations face with commercial counterparts by fostering peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and using current data collection and reporting techniques to spot tendencies and navigate change.

With numerous suites of products covering healthcare, e-government, logistics, biometrics, identification, payment solutions, and strategic consulting, SBTS brings 20+ years of experience helping governments and organizations alike to innovate through strategic projects, research, and technological initiatives.

We also provide industry support for the worldwide exchange of goods using third-party and contracted fleets.

We assist on-time health and revenue center businesses in technology logistics services. 


Partnering with Companies to complete the last-mile delivery 

Apply innovation in the logistics on-time delivery 

To manage and increase our footprint in the on-demand delivery.

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